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In order to remove stumps from your property there are two common options; grind the stump, or dig it out with a mechanical excavator.

It's simple:

no digging... no mess... fastest method...

Ever tried digging a stump out? This can be a very time consuming, back breaking, messy process. Most stumps require heavy earth moving equipment to dig and sever their main root systems. The result is damaged yards, a much larger effected area and an unnecessary mess.

Instead of digging the complete stump and root system out of the ground, we grind the stump to below the surrounding surface. If needed, we can grind the stump deeper to provide adequate planting depths. The stump and surface roots are reduced to an easy to clean-up pile of wood chips.

How does Stump Grinding work?

We use a Vermeer SC292 self propelled compact grinder. The Vermeer SC292 uses a large spinning wheel with carbide metal teeth that moves horizontally to grind down the stump.  The spinning wheel is gradually moved down until the stump is fully ground.  The grinding is completed when the stump is ground to below the surrounding surface.   

Once completed, the remaining wood chips can be easily removed and a small amount of top soil can cover the area.  Grass, sod, or mulch can then be done right over the area.

Depending on the size of the stump and ground surface, stump grinding can take on average 10 minutes to 60 minutes per stump.  The impact on the surrounding area is minimal.

Whether you have one stump on a steep incline in the back yard that can only be accessed through a gate, or an entire site riddled with stumps, NJ Stump Grinding ready for any project.

Preparing for stump grinding is easy.  

First, you should cut as much of the tree down as possible.  The closer the tree is cut to the ground the easier stump grinding will be.  We typically request that stumps are no more than 8" above the surrounding surface.  If your stump is slightly taller, don't worry, our equipment can cut stumps up to 30" high (additional fees may be incurred based on stump height).  

We will also need to maneuver our Vermeer SC292 to the area. We require a clear path that is a minimum of 36" wide.  For fenced in yards that have less than a 36" entry way, a portion of the fence may need to be taken down.

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